Apply for Our Emerging Technology Spotlight

In this series of sessions on Sunday, September 15, we’ll hear from 20 early-stage startup companies (pre-Series A) that represent some of the most exciting innovations in CPG and grocery technology. Each company’s Founder and/or CEO will have 4 minutes to present the company’s technology and explain how it solves key industry challenges.

Each emerging technology company selected for the showcase will receive $500 travel reimbursement plus a space in Groceryshop’s Startup Street in the Exhibit Hall to demonstrate their product.* In addition, the speaking Founder and/or CEO’s ticket to Groceryshop will be complimentary.

Companies interested in applying for the Emerging Technology Spotlight can apply below. Emerging Technology Spotlight is new for 2019 and replaces our previous Startup Pitch format.

* Participants will be required to provide a credit card which will be charged a $4,200 fee only in the case of a no-show at the event (including failure to staff the space provided on Groceryshop’s Startup Street when the Exhibit Hall is open) or a cancellation by the approved speaker. Only one speaker is allowed for each presenting company (no joint presentations). Groceryshop will not accept any speaker substitutions for the Emerging Technology Showcase unless the proposed replacement is a Co-Founder or CEO.

Emerging Technology Spotlight Registration is Now Closed

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