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Tickets provide access to all aspects of Groceryshop, including sessions, networking events, breakfasts, lunches, receptions, exhibits, etc. that are not private. We do not offer any exhibit hall-only or partial attendance rates. We do not apply any discounts or special rates retroactively (no exceptions). Tickets are transferable to a colleague at any time, but not refundable and cannot be applied to future events. We reserve the right to reject any registration, and will let you know as soon as we are able if we cannot accommodate you. The complete terms and conditions for tickets are available here.

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2019 Exhibitors & Sponsors*

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Qualifying Retailers & Brands**

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Free Tickets & $750 Travel/hotel reimbursement for qualifying retailers & brands

With our Hosted Retailers & Brands Program, we provide complimentary tickets and a travel/hotel reimbursement of up to $750 per person for a maximum of 200 individuals from retailers and brands that take eight 15-minute onsite meetings with participating sponsors.

Startup Rate

Startups that were founded up to two years prior to Groceryshop that have raised less than $2 million in funding may be eligible for special startup rate tickets.

Investor Rate***

Register Now for the onsite rate of $3,250

Student & Professor Rate

Qualified students and professors currently enrolled or employed at a College or University may apply for Groceryshop's discounted Student & Professor Rate.

Editorial Media Tickets

Editorial staff interested covering Groceryshop onsite can apply for a media ticket. Subject to review and approval.

* To qualify for this rate, the organization for which you are employed must be a Groceryshop exhibitor or sponsor. Subject to review and approval.

** Tickets purchased at this rate are subject to the review and approval at the sole discretion of Groceryshop. At a minimum you must be a direct employee of a company that is either:

  1. Primarily in the business of brick and mortar retail, selling physical goods,
  2. Listed in Internet Retailer’s most current edition of the Top 500 Guide® (see, or
  3. A CPG company or other branded manufacturer of consumer goods.

*** To qualify for this rate, you must be a direct, full time employee of a venture capital, private equity or other investment fund in private or public securities. Subject to review and approval.

Retailers & Brands Tickets: Buy in Bulk & Save(retailers and brands only—all others will be rejected)

Qualified retailers and brands are eligible for discounted rates on bulk purchases of 3 or more tickets. These rates are based on each bulk purchase transaction and cannot be combined with other purchases, including previous individual and bulk ticket purchases. We do not adjust rates retroactively. All bulk purchases must be (1) approved by us and (2) paid in advance immediately following approval. To apply for a bulk rate, complete the form below. If you’re approved, we'll be in touch on logistics and payment.

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