Katerina Axelsson, Founder & CEO

Katerina Axelsson

Founder & CEO, Tastry

Katerina is the CEO at The Bottlefly, Inc., (dba “Tastry”), an AI company based in San Luis Obispo, California. 

Tastry’s patent-pending technology identifies and defines consumer preferences for sensory-based products using analytical chemistry, machine learning and AI. The technology serves manufacturers, retailers and consumers by providing science-based guidance for product development, demand forecasting and direct-to-consumer recommendations respectively. 

Under Kat’s leadership, Tastry has grown from a concept to a powerhouse of data scientists, chemists, engineers and business professionals who provide in-store and mobile solutions which drive higher revenue for manufacturers and retailers while simultaneously increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

She is a graduate of Cal Poly with her B.S. in Chemistry and conceived of Tastry while putting herself through college by working at a custom crush facility. Kat noticed that a single batch of wine, sent to two different labels, received drastically different industry scores. It was then that she knew there had to be a more objective way to score wine for the individual. Thus the idea for Tastry was born. Over the next 3 years, she taught a computer how to taste.