Andreas Wuerfel, Director US Strategic Partnerships

Andreas Wuerfel

Director US Strategic Partnerships, METRO Group

An active intrapreneur and evangelist, Andreas Wuerfel is METRO Group Director US Strategic Partnering, with focus on international corporate innovation and business development. He also serves as CEO of HOSPITALITY.digital Inc., the US business practice of METRO Group’s international digital hospitality and retail solutions team. Prior, Andreas held various corporate and business development positions inside Deutsche Telekom USA, the North America offices of Germany-based Deutsche Telekom AG. Previously, Andreas held several music industry management and marketing posts, including General Manager Billboard TalentNet (a Billboard Magazine partnership), General Manager at Intuition Records (building and running North American business success), as well as International A&R Manager at MCA Music Publishing (now Universal Music Publishing). He served on the CONNECTIONS™ Europe advisory board (a CES / Parks Assoc. partnership), the 7BillionActions Task Force at the United Nations Population Fund, and was a jury member of the Advanced Media Technology Emmys (National Academy of Television Arts & Science). Andreas lives with his husband in Brooklyn, New York.