Anthony Saniger, Founder & CEO

Anthony Saniger

Founder & CEO, Standard Dose

A consumer-centric, brand-builder and passionate entrepreneur, Anthony Saniger, has over 14 years of marketing experience in beauty, fashion and wellness. In 2015, Anthony started his own strategic and creative marketing agency -- Act Second based in New York City -- helping small and large companies with everything from rebranding and positioning to developing digital strategies and go-to-market plans.  

In 2018, Anthony found himself overworked and overstimulated with his health taking a back seat to his career. He started leaning more into the wellness space both personally and professionally and began to explore natural remedies to deal with his anxiety and sleeplessness. In his research, he quickly realized how much anxiety and stress levels have increased, not only in his own life but across the country - statistics showed the highest levels of anxiety, stress, lack of sleep and pain ever recorded. During his search, Anthony came across CBD (Cannabidiol) and became intrigued by its many physical and mental health benefits, but quickly found that there was a lot of misinformation about CBD in the market. This led him down the path of learning more about CBD and testing products himself as he didn’t know what brands to trust for safe, quality products. It was clear that there were no standards within the market and he assumed if he was unable to navigate this new frontier, it was likely difficult for others as well.  

This drove Anthony to create a platform that would serve to both educate consumers on the growing knowledge of CBD and instill confidence in high quality products that were tested and verified. In January 2019, he launched Standard Dose, a multi-brand retailer committed to setting the standard for plant-based wellness, starting with CBD. Discovering and harnessing the healing properties of CBD and other plant-based ingredients, the platform represents a curated selection of the most effective and trusted plant-based wellness products in the market. At its core, Standard Dose exists to help consumers navigate their wellness journey through education, curation, and experience with an online presence and a physical wellness destination located in New York City.