Hannah de Boer, Co-Founder & CEO

Hannah de Boer

Co-Founder & CEO, Meisterdish

Hannah is co-founder and CEO of Meisterdish, a SaaS company that enables grocery retailers to produce meal kits out of their stores. Unlike any other meal-kit player, Meisterdish has a highly profitable business model that is asset-light, taking advantage of the grocery infrastructure and customer proximity to produce on demand without any waste.

Combing insights from being an active investor in the meal kit sector for over ten years, founding and selling our first start up in Europe to a leading grocery chain and now running Meisterdish in NYC, the founding team has extensive experience in the domain, technology, entrepreneurial and innovation leadership of the meal kit industry.

Hannah has a passion and deep understanding of the industry but most importantly started Meisterdish wanting to solve for a personal need, dinner for her family every day without making compromises.

Originally from Australia, Hannah holds an industry Master’s Degree in Beauty Marketing and Management from FIT finishing top of class. With over 12 years experience in lifestyle marketing, she has worked with top beauty and fashion conglomerate (L’Oreal, Coty, LVMH, Ralph Lauren) and helped to create many lifestyle brands.