Erhan Ark, Founder & CEO

Erhan Ark

Founder & CEO, Pick 'n' Watch

Erhan Ark is the Founder and CEO of Pick 'n' Watch™ Products Sales Booster. After his successful exit from a previous technology company that grew over 200 employees and 15M active users in Transport and Logistics, he started his next game changer IoT company in Silicon Valley and focused on another big market "RETAIL." He solved Brands and Retailers’ 2 major problems with his well-experienced technology team. Pick 'n' Watch™ transforms Brick and Mortar Stores to "Millennials Ready" and "Data-Driven" Stores in less than an hour with its patented subscription-based in-store experience solution. Today, Constellation Brands, McKesson and many other brands are closing the innovation gap between online and offline shopping experience with Pick 'n' Watch™. Pick 'n' Watch boosts in-store customer engagement up to 60%. 

He has 19 years of technology market experience at product development, sales and business development. His main focus is IoT technologies since 2007. He has a degree from SCS at Stanford University. He lives in San Francisco with his beautiful wife and 2 sons.