Carter Comstock, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Carter Comstock

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Freshly

Carter Comstock is the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Freshly, a direct-to-consumer subscription meal company that makes eating right easy and delicious. Tired of misleading and outdated information in the health and nutrition space, Comstock wanted to create a service that made it easier than ever to eat healthy.

In his day-to-day, Comstock brings his passion for health and fitness combined with years of experience in business. By staying on top of the latest healthy lifestyle trends, he and his team of chefs, food scientists, and wellness experts bring nutritious meals to thousands of homes every day. Part of his role at Freshly is working with top experts from different fields to continuously improve the meals as well as communicating with satisfied customers, many of which have found success with Freshly after trying countless other services. Comstock has become the resident “health hacker,” providing fellow Freshly employees and fans of the brand with helpful insight on how to optimize health and longevity - whether it's sharing the latest dietary research, exercise tips, or experimenting with meditation practices. His passion is inspiring people to live balanced, happy, and healthy lives with as little sacrifice as possible.

Prior to Freshly, Comstock was as an award-winning sales and relationship management representative for ADP in Texas. He is a graduate of Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona with a bachelor's degree in Business Management.