Roy Woodhouse, Commercial Manager US

Roy Woodhouse

Commercial Manager US, Nielsen Brandbank

Roy Woodhouse is the US Commercial Manager at Nielsen Brandbank, one of the world’s most trusted providers of digital content for the CPG industry, powering eCommerce as well as mobile applications and virtual merchandising solutions for both suppliers and retailers globally.  

Roy owns Nielsen Brandbank’s brand engagement program in the US, helping suppliers optimize their brand representation for omnichannel success as well as building partnerships with both retailers and third parties to help expand Nielsen Brandbank’s network of syndication partners and deliver true value to their clients.  

Roy has 10 years’ experience in the CPG industry, and has led Nielsen Brandbank teams in the UK, Ireland & Denmark. Using this experience, he is able to offer US brands a truly global perspective on digital best practice. 

Originally from the UK, Roy has resided in Chicago since January 2019.