Chris Kasuya, Senior Project Leader – Office of CEO

Chris Kasuya

Senior Project Leader – Office of CEO, King’s Hawaiian

Chris is a Senior Project Leader in the King's Hawaiian Office of CEO. His role is to develop, execute and lead companywide strategic initiatives focused on the company’s long-term growth and success. Since joining King’s Hawaiian in December 2018, Chris has been responsible for a variety of companywide initiatives. His main focus however has been leading the Digital Transformation initiative, which in simple terms is to make King’s Hawaiian among the best in the industry at making data and insight informed decisions. 

Prior to King's Hawaiian, Chris was a Senior Consultant in KPMG’s Strategy practice. At KPMG, Chris focused on developing business and operating model strategies across multiple industries (Financial Services, Consumer Retail and Private Equity). While he was on a successful trajectory at KPMG, he left to experience culture through traveling the world for a year. In tandem to his travels, he co-founded a digital media company, Unique Impressions Group, to monetize his travels through content creation. 

Outside of work, Chris is an avoid traveler and an adrenaline junkie. He has visited to 50+ counties across 6 continents, skydived over 65 times and scuba dived along side sharks.