Geoffrey McFarlane, Co-Founder & CEO

Geoffrey McFarlane

Co-Founder & CEO, Winc

As an entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in hospitality, including building and financing high-end bars and restaurants, Geoff believes that the authentic connection between  the customer, brand, and product is the key to success in a consumer-driven world.  He co-founded Winc after seeing how disconnected consumers were from the winemaking and wine selling process. Under his leadership, Winc has established a data driven and customer-oriented approach that is unique within the wine industry. He’s also has successfully grown the company to over 80 employees, $169M in revenue, and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 92% since the company’s launch in 2011.

In 2019, Wine Enthusiast selected Geoff as part of its prestigious annual “40 Under 40” list, which honors the trailblazers and tastemakers currently shaping the future of wine and spirits. Prior to Winc, Geoff ran a 300+ person multi-brand restaurant and hospitality group that he led for over 8 years, including the Jet Hotel, a boutique property in downtown Denver. Geoff studied finance at The University of Denver’s Daniels School of Business. 

Winc is a modern winery with a direct connection to the consumer, building a portfolio of brands for the next generation of wine drinkers. After launching in 2011 with the goal of making discovering great wine easy, Winc continues to disrupt the $220BN wine industry. Driven by the vision of a great bottle on every table and a great story in every bottle, Winc seeks to create more custom experiences for its members and bring ease and exploration to the process of buying and enjoying wine. The company's unrivaled access to consumer insights has helped shape the development of iconic brands like Summer Water, the viral hit embodying the rosé state of mind, and Folly of the Beast, the supremely accessible Pinot Noir of uncompromising quality. In addition to its online subscription service, Winc’s sought-after brands are available in progressive restaurants and premium retailers nationwide.