Santiago Merea, Co-Founder & CEO

Santiago Merea

Co-Founder & CEO, Raised Real

Santiago loves to solve problems, he always has. A behavioral economist, he holds a Masters in Public Opinion Research, which basically means he wants to get inside your head and understand what you are thinking and why. With his first company, Orange Chef, he helped people make better decisions about food. Around the same time that Orange Chef sold, Santiago and his wife Abby became the parents of twin boys. When it came time to introduce solid food to the twins, they were shocked at the limited options offered to parents in stores. So the two working parents attempted to prepare their own baby food. After spending an entire weekend batch cooking, Santiago learned two things: that steaming beets stains everything and that parents needed a better way to feed their kids. He set out to streamline that process, leading to the inception of Raised Real. Fast-forward to 2019, Raised Real has shipped almost a million plant-based, super-healthy meals for babies and toddlers to families nationwide in their first two years on the market.