Barnaby Montgomery, Co-Founder & CEO

Barnaby Montgomery

Co-Founder & CEO, Yummy.com

Barnaby Montgomery is CEO of Yummy.com and Kozmo.com. Barnaby co-founded Yummy.com in January 2002 to develop online grocery and fulfillment solutions that are better in some way than a trip to the store, including faster and more convenient (Yummy.com) and less expensive (Kozmo.com). Prior to founding Yummy.com, Barnaby worked for WhyRunOut.com, an early online marketplace & fulfillment provider (e.g. Instacart 1.0). 

Prior to his work in the online grocery business, Barnaby founded NewCellPhone.com, an online retailer that was to fulfill your new cell phone purchase in about 60 minutes. A lawyer by training, Barnaby began his career as an attorney for Latham & Watkins in Los Angeles. Barnaby holds a BA from UCLA and a JD from the University of Southern California.