Daphne Carmeli, Founder & CEO

Daphne Carmeli

Founder & CEO, Deliv

Daphne Carmeli has over 30 years of experience leading teams in high growth, category defining, entrepreneurial environments. Prior to her role as CEO and founder of Deliv, Daphne was the CEO of Metreo, a pricing optimization software company, from its inception in 2000 through its acquisition by Symphony Technology Group in 2006. Prior to Metreo, Daphne was the Vice President of the eCommerce group at Netscape / America Online (AOL), and on the founding team and head of Marketing at WebMD. Additionally, she keeps connected to all the latest disruptive technologies as she serves on the Boards of several companies in software, mobile, health, logistics, robotics and crowdsourcing spaces. 

Deliv is a leading crowdsourced, last mile logistics company that powers scheduled, same day delivery and returns for 5,000+ businesses including 25 of the nation's top national omnichannel retailers as well as leading e-commerce companies, local businesses and traditional parcel carriers. Focused exclusively on moving goods, Deliv operates as a service for delivering items rather than a marketplace that sells them. 

The company currently operates in 35 markets and more than 1,400 cities. Deliv is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and is backed by global leaders such as United Parcel Service, General Motors, Google, Enterprise Holdings, as well as leading financial investors and the nation's top REIT investors.