Talia Halperin, VP, Brand Management

Talia Halperin

VP, Brand Management, BuzzFeed

Talia Halperin is the VP of Brand Management at BuzzFeed, where she oversees all brand and commerce activity. Talia has transformed Tasty, the world’s largest social food network, from a digital media juggernaut into a fully diversified food brand by launching Tasty-branded CPG products, a kitchenware line with Walmart, a set of bestselling cookbooks, and the Tasty One Top, which was recognized in TIME Magazine’s annual list of “Best Inventions” and named AdAge’s “Product of the Year.” Prior to joining BuzzFeed, Talia developed and oversaw pediatric mental health clinics in underserved areas, paving a clear path towards a career in brand management. Talia is based in New York.