Lisa Sedlar, CEO

Lisa Sedlar

CEO, Green Zebra Grocery

Li​sa was born and raised in the Midwest but has “gone native” since moving to Portland in 2005. She is a skilled and successful grocery executive with over 25 years of experience delivering smart growth in the natural and organic food marketplace.  

Green Zebra Grocery​ is a healthy convenience-store chain that Lisa founded in 2013. There currently are three stores operating in Portland, a fourth store under construction and plans to grow to 100 stores on the West Coast.  

Prior to founding Green Zebra, Lisa was the President and CEO of ​New Seasons Market​ and was also the Director of Purchasing at ​Whole Foods Market​ and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ​Pharmaca​. She has a passion for food and farming. She studied Agriculture at the University of Arizona and is a formally trained chef, who graduated from ​Kendall College​ in Chicago. She worked closely with 3-time award-winning chef, ​Jimmy Schmidt​ at The ​Rattlesnake Club in Detroit.  

Lisa has dedicated her career to supporting local farmers, fishers, ranchers and makers. “Strengthening local food economies is necessary to preserve farmland for generations to come.” She is an advocate for food security, public health, education and equity. Lisa has served on and supported a number of non-profit boards including the ​Oregon Food Bank​, ​Upstream Public Health​, ​All Hands Raised​, the ​James Beard Public Market​, ​Village Gardens,​ ​Business for a Better Portland​, Harper’s Playground​, ​Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon​ and ​Built Oregon​.  

Lisa is following her dream of making healthy food more convenient and accessible and in her “spare time” she enjoys traveling with her daughter, playing badminton and tennis, open-water swimming, team trivia, cooking Sunday brunch and supporting her beloved baseball team, the Detroit Tigers.