2018 Speakers

Matt Osias, VP of Content Marketing

Matt Osias

VP of Content Marketing, Hawke Media

Matt Osias is the Vice President of Content Marketing at Hawke Media and oversees content strategy, planning and production for its clients. Having helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies throughout his career, Osias thrives on building trusted connections between brands and their audiences.

With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing space across a broad scope of industries—notably B2B, CPG, sports and numerous lifestyle categories. Osias has a unique and valuable perspective in the booming content marketing sphere.

Along with being an award-winning writer/editor, he has also worked for both the L.A. Dodgers and L.A. Angels building large-scale advertising campaigns for brands. And, maybe most importantly, he is an avid golfer. (No joke ... He LOVES it!)