2018 Speakers

Harley Butler, Chief Marketing Officer

Harley Butler

Chief Marketing Officer, Shipt

Harley Butler is the Chief Marketing Officer at Shipt. He leads all areas of marketing at Shipt, including growth, retention, product marketing, and brand. Prior to Shipt he worked in a range of SaaS and CPG companies, including Adobe, Cisco, Flip Video, Geary digital agency, and more recently leading marketing efforts at Prezi. An avid technology professional, Harley considers himself a growth marketing expert, and believes data is the key driver of successful marketing campaigns. A native of New Zealand, he spends his spare time running, playing rugby and enjoying time with family.

Shipt Bio

Shipt is a membership-based online grocery marketplace offering same-day delivery of fresh foods and household essentials through a community of loyal shoppers and a top-rated app. Shipt offers quality, personalized grocery delivery to members in more than 100 markets across the country. Shipt was founded in The Magic City, Birmingham, Alabama, and maintains offices in Birmingham and San Francisco. Since December 2017, Shipt is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Target. For more information, visit Shipt.com.