2018 Speakers

Carl Boutet, Retail Strategist & Board Advisor

Carl Boutet

Retail Strategist & Board Advisor, StudioRx

Carl is a Montreal based retail strategist and board advisor with over 25 years of hands on operational, marketing, merchandising and retail executive experience. He has worked across a full array of retailer environments from the very large, such as 10 years with Costco Wholesale to working as a strategy consultant for a group of 800 independent retailers across Canada. As founder of StudioRx, he guides senior retailer leaders to better leverage their combined choices of technology, analytics & design to create positive outcomes both for their customers and bottom line. He also advises technology companies on how to best tailor their solutions to address needs that matter most to retailers. He spent the last year working with a team of computer vision (AI) researchers as their retail strategy & global commercial lead. He holds an MBA from Queen’s University and advices on several retail innovation labs including CieTech and the recently announced Bensadoun Retail Management School at McGill University.