2018 Speakers

Sanjiv Mehra, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Sanjiv Mehra

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, eos Products

Sanjiv’s career has been almost entirely in the consumer products industry. Sanjiv began his career as a management consultant, and then at HP, where he started their business in India, including the first off-shore outsourced software operation for HP and for India. Following that he worked at Pepsi, building the business in international markets, including Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Prior to starting eos with Jonathan, Sanjiv was with Unilever’s North American Home & Personal Care Division. With private equity funding, Sanjiv started Phoenix Brands, with the purchase of a $100+ million portfolio of brands from Unilever and subsequently acquired Colgate’s North American laundry portfolio. Sanjiv’s philosophy is to build operationally sound, accountable organizations that increase value with the quality of their insight, innovation and consumer focus.

Sanjiv and Jonathan Teller manage eos together. Since the launch in 2009, eos has grown from an idea to a household name, based on a solid platform of practices and thought that are characteristic of the best CPG companies. The team at eos are professionals who are passionate about bringing the best of their experience to build eos into one of the world’s leading brands.